ROOKIES- Head Coach 5/6


FRESHMAN Head Coach, Age 7/8

           Coach Eric 

  SOPHOMORE Head Coach Age 9/10

 Coach CJ  310-345-0346

JR. VARSITY Head Coach- Age 11/12

           Coach Byrd

VARSITY Head Coach - Age 13/14

           Coach DJ


"We are the BEST,   We are the Buccaneers !"

ROOKIES Head Coach, Age 5/6


FRESHMAN Head Coach, Age 7/8


     SOPHOMORE Head Coach, Age 9/10


JR. VARSITY Head Coach - Age 11/12

Cheryl Taylor  & Qiana Caldwell

VARSITY - Head Coach, Age 13/14

Cheryl Taylor & Qiana Caldwell

"To provide a well supervised youth football and cheer program. To build character and inspire in youth good citizenship and sportsmanship. To bring together through a common interest in sports fair play and fellowship. To ensure safety by providing responsible and intelligent supervision, and to put the welfare of the youth first and foremost."

Board Members

Football Coaches

Cheer Coaches

Our Mission

Our Background

  • President - David Finley   323-798-9242
  • A.D. - Ramona Finley
  • Coaches Rep- Chijioke Okafor  310-345-0346
  • Cheer Director/AAU Cheer Dir. Jackie Finley 213-798-9241
  • Asst.Cheer Director/AAU Cheer Dir  Tami He'bert 323-377-5112
  • Football A.D. / Fundraising         Rosie Brown
  • Events Coordinator - Kim Lidell

Welcome to the MYSA South Bay Buccaneers Youth Football and Cheer! As a non-profit organization, we are entering our 11th season of great football and cheer! We play within the Los Angeles area, and we offer football and cheer at a reasonable cost. Also, there is no weight limit for a player at any position.

We began our journey with the Snoop Youth Football League, and as of 2013 have become a part of the AAU/Southern California West Youth Football League. Within the nine years of our Chapter's conception, we have won two Super Bowl titles, and our cheer team has won various first place titles in outside competitions, and their latest accomplishment; JAMZ National Cheer Champions.

Of all of our accolades, our most prized possession, are our players and cheerleaders, of whom we are most proud.